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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals

This practice exam is designed to assess your readiness for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam. The AZ-900 exam is an opportunity to prove knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, security and privacy in Azure, as well as Azure pricing and support.

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What two Azure services work together to provide cost optimization recommendations?

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An application developer at Contoso has asked you to deploy a web application and SQL database to Azure. You need to store the password in a secure location. Which service will you use?

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An ______ protects against datacenter-level failures.

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Which Azure service would you use to correlate events from multiple Azure resources in a central repository? (choose the best answer)

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You are responsible for recommending infrastructure architectures for applications at Contoso. Which solution would you recommend for load balancing HTTPS traffic to a web farm in a single Azure region?

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You are deploying multiple instances of a custom Contoso web application. The application instances share a common management lifecycle, but will be located in different Azure regions. Can you deploy resources across multiple Azure regions in a single resource group?

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You are testing new software in an Azure VM. When you are done testing, you shut down the VM, which shows a state of "Stopped" in the Azure portal. Will you incur additional costs while the VM is in this state?

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Contoso IT needs to ensure deployments of like Azure resources are the same for every deployment. Which of the following could be used to automate resource deployment?

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Contoso needs to select an IoT management platform for Internet-connected devices at their retail locations. They have no IoT expertise, and want a solution that minimizes the need for custom development. Which solution will best meet their requirement?

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Contoso has a line-of-business application that requires access to a file share. You need to host this share in Azure with a minimum of cost and administration effort. Which service would best fulfill this requirement?

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Kelly, who works in IT Operations, wants to automate a task using a script she wrote. She wants to do this with a minimum of expense and maintenance effort. She selected Azure Functions to host the job, instead of Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS). Does this service meet the solution criteria?

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The Contoso Corp Financial Services team needs to automate several business processes. They need to create workflows in a low-code environment with a visual interface. The service must have built-in connectivity to their existing platforms, like SalesForce and SAP. They also require the flexibility to run develop and run small snippets of code if necessary. Which Microsoft service will best fit their use case?

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In Azure, you are charged only for what you use. This is known as a

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Azure SQL Database and an on-premises SQL cluster represent a(n) ___ expense and a(n) ____ expense, respectively.

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Contoso is planning to move to Azure, but currently hosts business applications in a shared virtualization infrastructure on-premises, utilizing Hyper-V. This is an example of which cloud computing model?

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Which of the following statements are true of a Software as a Service solution?

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Tailspin Toys, a small startup, is choosing their initial services architecture. They choose to rely on Office 365 and Microsoft Azure for all services. Which of the following best describes the cloud model they have chosen?

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To transition a large capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operational expenditure (OpEx), Contoso's CIO has suggested to the board that the organization move their virtual machine (IaaS) workloads to Azure. The CFO argues that this will result in unpredictable OpEx spending. In this case, what pricing option is available to reduce costs and making predicting future spending easier?

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You need to calculate the estimated cost of a set of Azure resources before you deploy them. Which service or tool will you use?

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Contoso IT is planning to migrate all on-premises data to Azure. The Legal Department has asked for verification that Azure complies with Contoso's regulatory obligations, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. What should you use to answer this request?

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You need to identify deviations from Microsoft security best practices in your Azure cloud infrastructure. Which service should you use?

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Contoso IT has deployed an Azure VM scale set for a frontend web application. They want guidance on configuring the virtual network for these resources. Will the Azure Advisor tool provide recommendations for these existing resources?

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Contoso IT are frequently early adopters of new Azure features. They are trying a feature currently in Public Preview. Do services in Public Preview include an SLA?

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Application developers at Contoso need Azure capacity to try some Azure services in the coming months. They plan to sign up for individual Azure Free accounts. Will this meet the requirement?

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Tailspin Toys, a small startup, is building an application that uses Azure Active Directory for identity and authentication. Does Azure Active Directory Basic offer an SLA?

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Contoso Corp is planning to move their custom web applications to the cloud. The cloud provider platform must provide the ability to scale automatically, and meet the availability SLA of 99%. Will Azure App Service (PaaS) meet these requirements?

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